Giving Books Away

At the April 13th book launch for THE OWL KEEPER, hosted by Wavepaint Design & Gallery in Ipswich, MA, I met an extraordinary woman by the name of Gail Doktor. Gail was holding a stack of books she intended to buy and deliver to Children’s Hospital Boston. She and her family are the founders of Bright Happy Power, set up in memory of their daughter/sister Jessie, a twice-relapsed leukemia patient, who spent six years on treatment before dying due to complications following a bone marrow transplant.

The purpose of  Bright Happy Power is: “To  place hope, happiness and empowerment into  the hands and lives of children and families  facing life-threatening and catastrophic challenges.”

You can find out more about Jessie at and read  her family’s online journal at

If you have books you’d like to donate to Children’s Hospital Boston, or if you’d like to contribute in some other way, you can contact Bright Happy Power by email: or telephone 978-356-3780.


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