The Amazing Owl Keeper Artists

Cover illustration by Fernando Juarez

The haunting cover and illustrations for THE OWL KEEPER were created by two extremely talented artists.  I made a point of getting in touch with both of them to let them know how much I loved their artwork.

Spanish artist Fernando Juarez illustrated the cover for THE OWL KEEPER.  I instantly fell in love with the owl, she’s so luminous and magical-looking; the background of silvery moonlight, the overhanging branches and houses lend a sort of dreamy Gothic quality. Fernando lives in Madrid with his wife and children, where he’s working as art director for Ilion Animation Studios on the film “Planet 51.” His illustrations are often quirky and whimsical, as you can see on this book cover he drew for Rita Murphy’s novel “Bird.

Cover illustration by Fernando Juarez

Maggie Kneen is an architect, children’s author and children’s illustrator who grew up on the northwest coast of England.  “Art was what I did best, so that’s what I pursued,” she explains on her website, “but every opportunity to bring history and archaeology into my life has been taken or made.”

Illustration by Maggie Kneen

Her illustrations are elegant and mysterious, somehow reminiscent of illustrations in books I read as a child..  They capture perfectly the novel’s characters and spooky atmosphere!

One of Maggie’s most charming books, which she wrote and illustrated, is “Hamlet and the Tales of Sniggery Woods,” about a young pig named Hamlet, who “lived with his family in a small house, just above Molefurrow Market, between Sniggery Woods and the river.”

Illustration from "Hamlet of Sniggery Woods" by Maggie Kneen


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