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Lechuzas (Owls) in Buenos Aires

Lechuza: symbol of wisdom, N. Argentina

In Argentina, the owl – called “lechuza” in Spanish – symbolizes wisdom and good fortune.  This indigenous owl watercolor (above) was given to me by a shopkeeper in Buenos Aires.  I love the way it’s both ancient and abstract.

Lechuza from the Toba Tribe

This small hand-painted owl comes from the Toba, a tribe in the Chaco Region of Northern Argentina.  I keep him on my desk for good luck.

Lechuza carved of palo verde wood

Carved of palo verde wood, this owl also comes from the north of Argentina.  She looks to me like a philospher.

This owl necklace (below) comes from the trendy shop ‘Rapsodia‘ in Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires.  Like the city, she’s funky and whimsical.

Lechuza necklace

Street Art in Buenos Aires

Mural in Buenos Aires

Wherever you go in Buenos Aires, you can’t miss the vivid murals splashed across the walls of alleys, storefronts, and abandoned buildings.  Known as ‘stencil art,’ they are often of a transient nature.  According to the guide “Time Out,” many commentators recognize Buenos Aires as being at the forefront of  the stencil art movement.

After the rain…

Bookshop on Calle Thames, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires

I’m in love with Buenos Aires.  Tramping through the steamy streets of Palermo Viejo after a thunder-cracking downpour is my idea of paradise. Home of J. L. Borges, the city has more than a thousand bookshops, the most notable being Ateneo Grand Splendid on Avenida Santa Fe, a magnificent renovated theatre which contains the largest bookstore in South America.  ‘The Guardian’ voted it the second most beautiful bookshop in the world.

The ghost of an ancient libreria - but there are plenty more to take its place